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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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When building a brick and mortar store, you might find a shack in a field that is really cheap to buy, but would you consider that affordable housing for your store? Not likely should be your answer.

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Tips for successful Kernel Recompilation in Linux

Tue, 01 Jan 2008 11:40:04 -0500
"Kernel compilation is a tough nut to crack" - Most frequently this would be followed by a sigh if the recompiled kernel is not booting up. Though the nut has the look of a tough one to crack, kernel recompilation is still an inescapable affair that every Linux system administrator runs into, sooner or later. I too had to.
With this article, I intend to walk you through the phases of compiling a kernel. I am sure it will inspire confidence in you so that compiling a kernel is no longer a "mission impossible".

Finding a good virtual Web hosting company can done by asking current and former customers about their experience. I know this may seem like a big pain in the ass, and maybe impractical, but think about how critical your web presence is to your operation. If you’re site goes offline due to a web hosts tech issue, you’ll very likely spend hours on the phone and on your email trying to get back up. Many online tools are available that can assist you to find an extremely reliable hosting service. With the myriad of choice available, it is necessary for the consumer to discriminate. Since shared Web hosting is conceived as only a low-end, low-margin commodity by the industry itself, it is necessary for the consumer to be very wary. There are literally thousands of hosts that offer shared and virtual Web hosting services. While many provide extremely good service, others provide service that is less than desirable. In order to find suitable Web hosts, consumers must conduct due diligence.

I’ll be back soon to make some recommendations based on my own research.

If you find yourself in these shoes, what you need to do is paint a better picture of the problems when they are happening so they will have more information to work from when it comes to troubleshooting your mysterious issue. It really comes down to the fact that you need to help support so that they can help you.

Today`s suggestion:


dreamhost "offers" Miva shopping cart hosting, but they only have one person
trained in Miva support, so if your store has a problem when that person is gone
- good luck!

My store has been down for almost 3 weeks, and I am in the process of
transferring to a new host. dreamhost customer service has been extremely slow,
frequently choosing to file my service requests into one person or another's
folder, rather than tell me anything. When I have heard back, I have been given
varying promises of attention and a fix, but nothing has happened, and no one
has bothered to tell me why.

Key to the whole problem is the apparent fact that dreamhost has not a clue of
what e-commerce is all about. While other hosts might be in a full-blown panic
if their e-commerce sites were down for a couple of hours, dreamhost is quite
content to allow the situation to go on indefinitely. Very unprofessional in
their approach.

I know of several other dreamhost Miva sites that are transferring, or have
transfered, to new hosts. So, most likely in the near future they will be
hosting very few Miva sites, and their competence in the area can be expected to
fall even further.

Click Here to go to dreamhost website.

There is significant matter enclosed in this article about best cheap web hosting for you to understand best cheap web hosting better. Use it to it's best.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)
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